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Zoom ARQ


The ZOOM ARQ Aero Rhyth­mTrak is an all-in-one pro­duc­tion and live per­form­ance instru­ment which includes an integ­rated drum machine, sequen­cer, syn­thes­izer, loop­er, and MIDI con­trol­ler with a built-in accelerometer.

One trend in music instru­ments devel­op­ment is get­ting away from lin­ear inter­faces based on knobs and keys, and instead cre­at­ing devices that allow phys­ic­al intu­it­ive inter­ac­tion and designed for live per­form­ances. That is where Zoom ARQ comes in, one of the most amaz­ing music instru­ments of the year. Zoom ARQ is a cir­cu­lar device with a lighted ring that lets you visu­al­ize music as a true loop and it func­tions as a drum machine, sequen­cer, syn­thes­izer, loop­er and MIDI con­trol­ler at the same time. ARQ is com­pletely wire­less and can be used as a stan­dalone instru­ment or con­nec­ted to a com­puter. It is a show in itself and a one-of-a-kind live music experience.

Just wait until Kier­an Heb­den gets his hands on it!

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McTrax: A Paper Placemat Music Production Studio

McDonald’s McTrax: Play the Placemat

Cre­at­ing music can really trig­ger cre­ativ­ity in (young) people. That’s why McDonald’s in the Neth­er­lands intro­duced McTrax: a paper placemat turned into a full music pro­duc­tion station.

By the use of con­duct­ive ink on a piece of paper you can con­nect your smart­phone to the placemat via Bluetooth.


Bob Dylan — Like A Rolling Stone

This inter­act­ive video (from 2013) is the song’s first offi­cial video. It allows view­ers to use their key­boards or curs­ors to flip through 16 chan­nels that mim­ic TV formats such as games shows, shop­ping net­works and real­ity series. People on each chan­nel, no mat­ter what TV trope they rep­res­ent, are seen lip-syncing the lyrics.

“I’m using the medi­um of tele­vi­sion to look back right at us,” dir­ect­or Vania Hey­mann told Mash­able. “You’re flip­ping your­self to death with switch­ing chan­nels [in real life].” Adds Inter­lude CEO Yoni Bloch: “You’ll always miss some­thing because you can­’t watch everything at the same time.”

The sta­tions you can flip through include a cook­ing show, The Price Is Right, Pawn Stars, loc­al news, a ten­nis match, a chil­dren’s car­toon, BBC News and a live video of Dylan and the Hawks play­ing “Like a Rolling Stone” in 1966.

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Eric Prydz - Hologram

Eric Prydz — EPIC 4.0 Tour Visuals

Com­ing off the very suc­cess­ful cam­paign for Eric Pry­dz’s Gen­er­ate music video, our friend Michael Ser­shall hired the team back to design the visu­als for his EPIC 4.0 tour. The setup for the live show was fairly insane, with con­tent screen form­ing a cube with a 28mm see-through LED in front, a Holo Gauze through the middle for a mes­mer­iz­ing holo­gram pro­jec­tion, and finally a 12mm 4:1 wide-screen LED in the back enclos­ing the cube and play­ing back the key content.

For the gig, Munkow­itz tapped his favor­ite col­lab­or­at­ors, the great Con­or Grebel and Michael Rigley, both ridicu­lously tal­en­ted Cinema4D Artists and Anim­at­ors, who brought their A‑Game for this throw­down. All the con­tent was rendered with the amaz­ing Octane Ren­der­er which meant the team bought two super­Com­puters and a fuck­Load of graph­ics cards to render all the wet­ness. In the end, the pro­ject was about mak­ing art for enter­tain­ment, and these kinds of pay­ing gigs are what we love.

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ACPAD — the wireless electronic orchestra for your guitar

ACPAD is the world’s first wire­less MIDI con­trol­ler for acous­tic gui­tar. Play thou­sands of instru­ments, trig­ger unlim­ited sound samples and effects, live record loops… without tak­ing your hand off your guitar!

  • 8x Touch Pads: ACPAD has eight pres­sure sens­it­ive touch pads that can be assigned to any MIDI intru­ment, Sound effect or sample that you can imagine
  • 10x Pre­set But­tons: You can also cus­tom­ize and save up to 25 pre­sets for quick access dur­ing and between songs
  • 2x Loop­er Chan­nels: There are two loop­er chan­nels that you can use to live record, trig­ger or stop loops from your guitar
  • 2x Slider Faders: ACPAD also has two sliders to mod­u­late the intens­ity of your sounds and effects while playing.


Amon Tobin: V Squared Labs and TouchDesigner

Giz­modo called it “The Con­cert of the Future, Today” and CHART­at­tack said that “it was a live show one might have said could only be cre­ated and per­formed by a cyber­net­ic organ­ism.” where “ground­break­ing mod­el­ing and map­ping tech­niques were used to take the audi­ence at the Met­ro­pol­is on a trip to dozens of worlds. … it felt like one was trans­por­ted into deep space or, altern­ately, inside the Tron grid, a game of Tet­ris, an M.C. Escher paint­ing, the fiery pits of Mordor, an acid-col­oured kal­eido­scope, a Splinter Cell video game…” Wired got straight to the point: “ISAM’s live show looks like a mind­fuck of the highest order” with “little in the way of precedent.”


Tempo and typography

This is a short song by Moon­dog called “Fog On The Hud­son (425 West 57th Street)”. Moon­dog was a blind Amer­ic­an com­poser, musi­cian, poet, and invent­or of sev­er­al music­al instru­ments. He lived on the streets of New York for 20 years, and recor­ded over 18 albums.
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The Creators Project — Intel & Vice at Coachella 2011

The Orches­tri­on — UVA’s stan­dalone light and sound sculp­ture with exper­i­ment­al music provided by fel­low Cre­at­or Mira Calix.


Sum­mer Into Dust by Arcade Fire (Dir. Chris Milk) — dur­ing Arcade Fires last song “Wake Up,” cas­cades of beach­balls were released into the crowd. With the help of ESKI and Moment Fact­ory, Milk was able to con­trol the LEDs and IR trans­mit­ters, embed­ded in each ball (provided by Tan­gible Inter­ac­tion), to light paint kal­eido­scop­ic pat­terns all over the unsus­pect­ing audience.



This pro­ject provides a bi-dir­ec­tion­al mid­ibridge that enables Flash or Javas­cript apps to send midi events to, and to receive midi events from the midi sys­tem of your com­puter. This means for instance that you can con­trol a Flash or Javas­cript app via your midi con­trol­ler, and vice versa that can con­trol a midi device from Flash. The term ‘mid­ibridge’ includes all Java and Action­script code, and all Javas­cript, HTML and XML files that make this possible.

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Daydreaming with… St Michael’s

Doug Fosters film install­a­tion The Heretics Gate, with music by UNKLE
Day­dream­ing with… St Michaels is open to the pub­lic from Weds 27 April — Thurs 5 May, every day from 12—6pm. Entry is free. St Michaels Church, Cam­den Road, Lon­don NW1.


Emergency Broadcast Network (EBN)

Josh Pear­son, EBN’s cha­ris­mat­ic front man and prin­cip­al per­form­ance artist, was also EBN’s music com­poser and main video edit­or. The music and video edit­ing tech­niques he per­son­ally developed and refined have been hugely influ­en­tial on a gen­er­a­tion of advert­ising and music video editors.

The first EBN video pro­ject was a music­al remix of the Gulf War, cre­ated in 1991 as the war was still ongo­ing. The VHS tape of the remix pro­ject, which con­tained the George H.W. Bush “We Will Rock You” cov­er, became a vir­al under­ground hit, and was dis­trib­uted widely by fans as bootleg cop­ies. In the sum­mer of 1991, EBN traveled with the first Lol­lap­a­looza tour, dis­trib­ut­ing tapes and show­ing their videos on a mod­i­fied sta­tion wag­on with TVs on the roof. The group also became well known for their media sculp­tures and stage props which were cre­ated by Gard­ner Post.

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Quayola — PTA 10

PTA is a live audio-visu­al per­form­ance focus­ing on pre­cise syn­chron­isa­tions between sound and image. It is a res­ult of mul­tiple col­lab­or­a­tions with vari­ous musi­cians worldwide.