Richard Haydon — Scrum Master, Ingeus

I’ve worked with Ian over the past few months and always found him very sup­port­ive, friendly, whilst retain­ing a pro­fes­sion­al atti­tude and work eth­ic. He is always dili­gent about get­ting the job done and will work the extra hours to do so. He has a tech­nic­al under­stand­ing of front end apps and per­form­ance which meant he could answer and con­trib­ute con­sid­er­ably on this, and if he didn’t know the answer, he would find out. Ian is a great team play­er and I wouldn’t hes­it­ate to work with him again.

Aaron Jaffery — Head of Digital, fst The Group

Ian is excep­tion­ally know­ledge­able in anim­a­tion devel­op­ment and video pro­duc­tion. Whilst work­ing with us at fst, he delivered excel­lent work to often very tight dead­lines. Ian can eval­u­ate the desired anim­a­tion effect and devise the best deliv­ery meth­od, wheth­er it be cod­ing, ren­der­ing or any oth­er of the magic tricks in his toolbox. 

David McKay — Digital Project Manager

Ian is a very skilled digit­al all-round­er who impressed me with his high level of com­mit­ment. His per­son­al stand­ards and integ­rity drive him to go above and bey­ond to meet and exceed pro­ject goals. Ian’s know­ledge and input were integ­ral to the suc­cess of the pro­ject’s we worked on togeth­er and I would hap­pily work with him again.

Heidi Tacbian

Heidi Tacbian — Head of Digital, ATEED

I had the pleas­ure of work­ing with Ian at Auck­land Tour­ism Events and Eco­nom­ic Devel­op­ment (ATEED). Ian was a font of ideas and solu­tions and was crit­ic­al to deliv­er­ing a vari­ety of pro­jects on a tight dead­line. Always the solu­tion­ist, Ian had a big pic­ture view that enabled the team to design and build solu­tions that served the busi­ness long term. Ian was great under pres­sure and worked with the team well. I recom­mend Ian for any Advisor or Tech­nic­al pos­i­tions as I feel he would be an asset to any company.

Please feel free to con­tact me for a per­son­al recommendation.

Andrew Eccleston — Founding Partner and Managing Director, ThisCity Agency

Ian is a highly detailed and pro­fes­sion­al pro­gram­mer. Ian works closely with design teams and is metic­u­lous in his plan­ning — which helps con­sid­er­ably with the pro­cess. He has broad pro­gram­ming abil­it­ies and works hard to deliv­er to dead­lines. Ian is the guy to call to help solve a tech­nic­al prob­lem and I would highly recom­mend him.

Jonathan Hirshler

Jonathan Hirshler — Digital Director, AML Group

Ian is one of the most dili­gent, smart and effect­ive col­leagues I have worked with. His atten­tion to detail is second to none and the stel­lar effort and pas­sion he puts into every pro­ject is some­thing to behold. Ini­tially impress­ing as a freel­ance Flash developer, Ian went on to sup­port our devel­op­ment team and then our agency by devis­ing and imple­ment­ing a set of work­flows, tem­plates and pro­cesses that will act as a leg­acy at AML for many years to come. I would whole­heartedly endorse any poten­tial employ­er to take Ian on for future pro­jects as he will add innov­a­tion, con­sid­er­a­tion and effi­ciency sav­ings on everything he touches.

Russ Armstrong — Founder and Director, Delphico

Ian’s atten­tion to detail is second to none, which com­bined with the focus, effort and pas­sion he puts into every pro­ject is some­thing to behold. Ian assess the whole prob­lem and is keen to learn new top­ics when he needs them to solve issues; he will add innov­a­tion, con­sid­er­a­tion and a cost effect­ive approach on everything he touches. He com­bines per­fec­tion­ism and prag­mat­ism in a great way to achieve real results.

Simon Honeywood

Simon Honeywood — Owner, Readysalted Design Ltd

As an extern­al digit­al devel­op­ment agency, we worked with Ian in his role role as digit­al lead over­see­ing the devel­op­ment of a web applic­a­tion. The pro­ject was in the final stretch of deliv­ery and had sev­er­al chal­len­ging block­ers that required con­stant agile plan­ning and prob­lem solving.

Ian’s agile pro­ject man­age­ment and plan­ning was excel­lent. He was organ­ised, meth­od­ic­al and was reg­u­larly required to deliv­er a high level of under­stand­ing across a broad spec­trum of tech­no­lo­gies, cov­er­ing serv­er infra­struc­ture, web applic­a­tion devel­op­ment and lan­guages, ana­lyt­ic­al data and user exper­i­ence best prac­tice, whilst man­aging the intern­al and extern­al resource.

He was an excel­lent pro­ject lead and a pleas­ure to work with on a weekly basis.

Justin Narracott

Justin Narraott — CTO, Ingeus

Ian’s skills and exper­i­ence of mod­ern digit­al busi­ness solu­tions provided excel­lent res­ults for Ingeus in a dif­fi­cult leg­acy envir­on­ment. His tech­nic­al prob­lem-solv­ing skills along with man­aging a num­ber of dis­par­ate third party sup­pli­ers to digit­al industry best prac­tices ensured dif­fi­culty chal­lenges were resolved. Pro­act­ive, ener­get­ic and totally organ­ized a detail-ori­ented team play­er. I could always depend on him to set the best example as Digit­al lead at Ingeus. I highly recom­mend Ian and would wel­come work­ing with him again in the future.