Richard Haydon – Scrum Master, Ingeus

I’ve worked with Ian over the past few months and always found him very supportive, friendly, whilst retaining a professional attitude and work ethic. He is always diligent about getting the job done and will work the extra hours to do so. He has a technical understanding of front end apps and performance which meant he could answer and contribute considerably on this, and if he didn’t know the answer, he would find out. Ian is a great team player and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.

Aaron Jaffery – Head of Digital, fst The Group

Ian is exceptionally knowledgeable in animation development and video production. Whilst working with us at fst, he delivered excellent work to often very tight deadlines. Ian can evaluate the desired animation effect and devise the best delivery method, whether it be coding, rendering or any other of the magic tricks in his toolbox.

David McKay – Digital Project Manager

Ian is a very skilled digital all-rounder who impressed me with his high level of commitment. His personal standards and integrity drive him to go above and beyond to meet and exceed project goals. Ian’s knowledge and input were integral to the success of the project’s we worked on together and I would happily work with him again.

Heidi Tacbian

Heidi Tacbian – Head of Digital, ATEED

I had the pleasure of working with Ian at Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development (ATEED). Ian was a font of ideas and solutions and was critical to delivering a variety of projects on a tight deadline. Always the solutionist, Ian had a big picture view that enabled the team to design and build solutions that served the business long term. Ian was great under pressure and worked with the team well. I recommend Ian for any Advisor or Technical positions as I feel he would be an asset to any company.

Please feel free to contact me for a personal recommendation.

Andrew Eccleston – Founding Partner and Managing Director, ThisCity Agency

Ian is a highly detailed and professional programmer. Ian works closely with design teams and is meticulous in his planning — which helps considerably with the process. He has broad programming abilities and works hard to deliver to deadlines. Ian is the guy to call to help solve a technical problem and I would highly recommend him.

Jonathan Hirshler

Jonathan Hirshler – Digital Director, AML Group

Ian is one of the most diligent, smart and effective colleagues I have worked with. His attention to detail is second to none and the stellar effort and passion he puts into every project is something to behold. Initially impressing as a freelance Flash developer, Ian went on to support our development team and then our agency by devising and implementing a set of workflows, templates and processes that will act as a legacy at AML for many years to come. I would wholeheartedly endorse any potential employer to take Ian on for future projects as he will add innovation, consideration and efficiency savings on everything he touches.

Russ Armstrong – Founder and Director, Delphico

Ian’s attention to detail is second to none, which combined with the focus, effort and passion he puts into every project is something to behold. Ian assess the whole problem and is keen to learn new topics when he needs them to solve issues; he will add innovation, consideration and a cost effective approach on everything he touches. He combines perfectionism and pragmatism in a great way to achieve real results.

Simon Honeywood

Simon Honeywood – Owner, Readysalted Design Ltd

As an external digital development agency, we worked with Ian in his role role as digital lead overseeing the development of a web application. The project was in the final stretch of delivery and had several challenging blockers that required constant agile planning and problem solving.

Ian’s agile project management and planning was excellent. He was organised, methodical and was regularly required to deliver a high level of understanding across a broad spectrum of technologies, covering server infrastructure, web application development and languages, analytical data and user experience best practice, whilst managing the internal and external resource.

He was an excellent project lead and a pleasure to work with on a weekly basis.

Justin Narracott

Justin Narraott – CTO, Ingeus

Ian’s skills and experience of modern digital business solutions provided excellent results for Ingeus in a difficult legacy environment. His technical problem-solving skills along with managing a number of disparate third party suppliers to digital industry best practices ensured difficulty challenges were resolved. Proactive, energetic and totally organized a detail-oriented team player. I could always depend on him to set the best example as Digital lead at Ingeus. I highly recommend Ian and would welcome working with him again in the future.