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End-to-end hard­ware and soft­ware solu­tion for a site-spe­cif­ic inter­act­ive art install­a­tion — a com­munity-based inter­act­ive vir­tu­al garden, where vis­it­ors can plant a vir­tu­al seed and watch their garden­ing efforts flower into real­ity. Fest­iv­al Attendees were invited to trig­ger the anim­a­tions by plant­ing a her­it­age seed in one of five inter­act­ive plant­er boxes. Each box, when activ­ated, would grow a vir­tu­al veget­able, turn­ing the area into an inner city com­munity garden.

Cre­ated for Art in the Dark 2012 through a col­lab­or­a­tion with video artists Mar­cel Allen and Ren­ee Warner for the Cargo Col­lect­ive. We were asked to return to AUT for a repeat per­form­ance in 2013, at White Night: Best of Art in the Dark (part of the Auck­land Arts Fest­iv­al).

This pro­ject aimed to encour­age people to think about and get involved in com­mun­al food gar­dens and to re-envis­age pub­lic green spaces as not just some­where to walk, exer­cise or have a pic­nic but also as a poten­tially fer­tile place to grow food.

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Art In The Dark
White Night
Koanga Institute - Centre for Regenerative Living

The Action­script 3.0 video com­pos­it­ing applic­a­tion con­trolled the play­back of up to six lay­ers of HD video (with alpha chan­nels) on top of a cus­tom back­ground image. The anim­ated videos were then triggered using cus­tom pres­sure sensors (under­neath soil con­tain­ers) and a Makey­Makey USB con­trol­ler.

Date: 13th April 2013

Client: Cargo Collective

Category: Code, Experiential