An hour-long mix of alternative cover versions.
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Tom’s Din­er (Remix) DNA (feat. Suzanne Vega)
Good Vibra­tions Nina Hagen
Immi­grant Song Karen O, Trent Reznor, Atti­cus Rose
Whole Lot­ta Love (live at Bush Hall) Gabriel­la Cil­mi
Come On Eileen No Doubt
Mak­ing Plans For Nigel Nou­velle Vague
Sea of Love Cat Pow­er
Big Rock Can­dy Moun­tain Van Dyke Parks
Angel­i­ca (live) Lamb
Just Be Good To Green (Radio Edit) Pro­fes­sor Green (feat Lil­ly Allen)
Rolling In The Deep (The Sound­men Remix) Adele
Sun­shine of Your Love Ella Fitzger­ald vs Rock­ers Hi-Fi
Killing Me Soft­ly Omara Por­tuon­do
Le Freak The Ukelele Orches­tra Of Great Britain
Only Love Can Break Your Heart St. Eti­enne
Instant Kar­ma Paul Weller