VJ Woody

As a per­former attempt­ing to visu­alise the music I hear, I like to choose the­mat­ic links and pre­pare new mate­r­i­al for each gig. I use dig­i­tal equiv­a­lents of cut-up film loops, to reit­er­ate a sin­gle con­cept in time to live music.

I try to work with visu­al par­o­dy, select­ing loops and clips in coun­ter­point to the expect­ed. I believe in the valid­i­ty of “found footage” with­in an art con­text, and I think that the club envi­ron­ment is also a valid artis­tic exhi­bi­tion space. I usu­al­ly assem­ble a com­bi­na­tion of client-sourced and self-orig­i­nat­ed imagery.

I was a pro­fes­sion­al DJ for 2 years, and I have per­formed along­side DJ’s and bands. When per­form­ing, I often use a video appli­ca­tion I built called Chan­dra VIDEO­drum. It’s “VJ Woody” because I come from a his­to­ry of wood­craft — my father was a cab­i­net­mak­er, as was his father before him.

I look for­ward to my next visu­al chal­lenge.

Event Venue Audi­ence
Haere Ra, VJ Woody Hon­ey rooftop bar, Auck­land, New Zealand 50
Sum­mer­dayze (with Armin van Buren) North Shore Events Cen­tre, Auck­land, New Zealand 500
Dick John­son, The Vinyl Van­dals & Fil­ter Bratz Twin Pines Tav­ern, Haru­ru Falls, Kerik­eri, New Zealand 88
int3r:sect: live VJ exhi­bi­tion Dis­rupt Gallery, Auck­land, New Zealand 50
Audi­ble 3 instal­la­tion & CD release Grey Lynn Library Lec­ture Hall, Auck­land, New Zealand 20
Fleet FM’s Dri­ve-in (AV Set) Grey Lynn carpark, Auck­land, New Zealand 150
Deep Hard ‘N’ Funky (with Tim­my Schu­mach­er & Adam Free­land) St James The­atre Com­plex, Auck­land, New Zealand 1000
Depart­ment of Secrets (with DJ Mu & The Mighty Aster­ix) Stu­dio 9, Welling­ton, New Zealand 250
FWD — uncat­e­goris­able elec­tron­i­ca (with Emma Jean, Oliv­er Pen­ny & Fi Line) Bar Sev­en­tysix, Auck­land, New Zealand 250
Ver­sion 1.0 Elec­tro-Son­ic Fes­ti­val (with Stam­ford Plaza) The Odeon Lounge, Auck­land, New Zealand 25
Goon The Dogs Bol­lix, Auck­land, New Zealand 50
Goon The Kings Arms, Auck­land, New Zealand 75
Big Day Out Boil­er Room (with Greg Churchill) Mt Smart Super­top, Auck­land, New Zealand 2000
VJAMM (AV Set) Mov­ing Image Cen­ter, Auck­land, New Zealand 50
Splore (with Roger Per­ry) Waha­rau Nation­al Park, Miran­da, New Zealand 400
Splore (with Pari) Kar­i­o­tahi Beach, Auck­land, New Zealand 75
Vel­vet Vel­vet Bar, Welling­ton, New Zealand 50
Check Point Char­lie (with Ebb) Wairara­pa, New Zealand 500
MuMu­Land Wairara­pa, New Zealand 500
MuMu­Land Wairara­pa, New Zealand 500
The Sen­tinel (with Ritchie Hawtin/Stacey Pullen) Welling­ton, New Zealand 300

VJ Promo Reel

Goon, Pitch Black, Greg Churchill, Nikon

Boiler Room set (with Greg Churchill)

All music BDO 2003

“Nasty Gymnastics” Baitercell vs. Timmy Schumacher

Dis­ney, NASA, Nikon

Goon Video Performance (at The Dog’s Bollix)

All music Goon 2003

Chandra Videodrum 2.0b

Chan­dra VIDEODRUM is a cross-plat­form Flash-based (swf) sequencer, with capac­i­ty for up to 500 sam­ples (video, ani­ma­tion and text files).

  • plat­form inde­pen­dent (the engine runs in any inter­net brows­er with Flash 5+ com­pat­i­bil­i­ty)
  • res­o­lu­tion inde­pen­dent (can play any size of media file, from SD to 4K and beyond)
  • non-lin­ear scenes: use up to 20 scenes (sets of 25 sam­ples) in any sequence
  • text ani­ma­tion: live text input (via an exter­nal txt file)
  • beat-match­ing: raw (+/- 10) and fine (+/- 1) tem­po adjust­ment
  • on-screen help (space)
Live Demo

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Quick start: click on the appli­ca­tion (to give it focus), press the 1 key (to switch to scene 1), the q key (to load the scene into mem­o­ry), and then any let­ter (to play a sam­ple). Adjust the tem­po with the up and down arrows.