VJ Woody

As a performer attempting to visualise the music I hear, I like to choose thematic links and prepare new material for each gig. I use digital equivalents of cut-up film loops, to reiterate a single concept in time to live music.

I try to work with visual parody, selecting loops and clips in counterpoint to the expected. I believe in the validity of “found footage” within an art context, and I think that the club environment is also a valid artistic exhibition space. I usually assemble a combination of client-sourced and self-originated imagery.

I was a professional DJ for 2 years, and I have performed alongside DJ’s and bands. When performing, I often use a video application I built called Chandra VIDEOdrum. It’s “VJ Woody” because I come from a history of woodcraft – my father was a cabinetmaker, as was his father before him.

I look forward to my next visual challenge.

Event Venue Audience
Haere Ra, VJ Woody Honey rooftop bar, Auckland, New Zealand 50
Summerdayze (with Armin van Buren) North Shore Events Centre, Auckland, New Zealand 500
Dick Johnson, The Vinyl Vandals & Filter Bratz Twin Pines Tavern, Haruru Falls, Kerikeri, New Zealand 88
int3r:sect: live VJ exhibition Disrupt Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand 50
Audible 3 installation & CD release Grey Lynn Library Lecture Hall, Auckland, New Zealand 20
Fleet FM’s Drive-in (AV Set) Grey Lynn carpark, Auckland, New Zealand 150
Deep Hard ‘N’ Funky (with Timmy Schumacher & Adam Freeland) St James Theatre Complex, Auckland, New Zealand 1000
Department of Secrets (with DJ Mu & The Mighty Asterix) Studio 9, Wellington, New Zealand 250
FWD – uncategorisable electronica (with Emma Jean, Oliver Penny & Fi Line) Bar Seventysix, Auckland, New Zealand 250
Version 1.0 Electro-Sonic Festival (with Stamford Plaza) The Odeon Lounge, Auckland, New Zealand 25
Goon The Dogs Bollix, Auckland, New Zealand 50
Goon The Kings Arms, Auckland, New Zealand 75
Big Day Out Boiler Room (with Greg Churchill) Mt Smart Supertop, Auckland, New Zealand 2000
VJAMM (AV Set) Moving Image Center, Auckland, New Zealand 50
Splore (with Roger Perry) Waharau National Park, Miranda, New Zealand 400
Splore (with Pari) Kariotahi Beach, Auckland, New Zealand 75
Velvet Velvet Bar, Wellington, New Zealand 50
Check Point Charlie (with Ebb) Wairarapa, New Zealand 500
MuMuLand Wairarapa, New Zealand 500
MuMuLand Wairarapa, New Zealand 500
The Sentinel (with Ritchie Hawtin/Stacey Pullen) Wellington, New Zealand 300

VJ Promo Reel

Goon, Pitch Black, Greg Churchill, Nikon

Boiler Room set (with Greg Churchill)

All music BDO 2003

“Nasty Gymnastics” Baitercell vs. Timmy Schumacher

Disney, NASA, Nikon

Goon Video Performance (at The Dog’s Bollix)

All music Goon 2003

Chandra Videodrum 2.0b

Chandra VIDEODRUM is a cross-platform Flash-based (swf) sequencer, with capacity for up to 500 samples (video, animation and text files).

  • platform independent (the engine runs in any internet browser with Flash 5+ compatibility)
  • resolution independent (can play any size of media file, from SD to 4K and beyond)
  • non-linear scenes: use up to 20 scenes (sets of 25 samples) in any sequence
  • text animation: live text input (via an external txt file)
  • beat-matching: raw (+/- 10) and fine (+/- 1) tempo adjustment
  • on-screen help (space)
Live Demo

Get Adobe Flash player

Quick start: click on the application (to give it focus), press the 1 key (to switch to scene 1), the q key (to load the scene into memory), and then any letter (to play a sample). Adjust the tempo with the up and down arrows.