Film­maker Juli­us Hor­sthuis, the fre­quent explorer of fractal­ized cav­erns and end­less ali­en plan­ets, has begun a line of com­puter-gen­er­ated exper­i­ments that could let us explore our own Inter­stel­lar-like mul­ti­di­men­sion­al real­it­ies. His impress­ive series of sweep­ing fractal vis­tas, begin­ning with Gei­ger­’s Night­mare nearly a year ago, has giv­en him a wealth of know­ledge about mak­ing gor­geous fractals. Now, he has channeled that exper­i­ence into build­ing Hall­way 360VR, the first in a line of 360-degree vir­tu­al real­ity animations.