Today is World Usability Day.

On Sunday I completed my entry into the BBC/Radio1/1Xtra Vj Superstar Competition! My entry is above. The competition closed on Monday, various judges are evaluating (including members from Tomato and Coldcut) until December 1, when the winners are announced. Keep your fingers crossed!

I’m listening to Trinity Roots’ Aotearoa on my commute into London sometimes – it makes me pine for a bright summers day in Albert Park or K Road. Especially comforting when the tube is a sanctuary from the pouring rain above. Voted on Radio 1 site for Fat Freddys Drop album of the year. Another Loop selection is out – checkit!

I’ve added a help screen to my VJ app, hope to get that on-line soon.

Found a local (Highbury/Islington!) weekly VJ get-together, attending next week with VJ Fibro (Ben) from AK – will keep you posted on the London scene. Queued up for over an hour the night before last at a vj gig (Future Shorts, part of the BFI London Film Festival), only to throw in the towel at a packed house. A good prospect for future vj gigs, it being sold out, but what a disappointment…

Editing the competition audio mix (down to 3mins) got me thinking about music again, hopefully will start heading in that direction a bit more.

Trying to join the local village Town Forum to help raise funds for the christmas lights – the district council has cancelled the non-profit boot sale until it can get licensed. Red tape must die!