We all want clean and safe spaces around us. Pub­lic polling dis­covered that a stag­ger­ing 86% of people think lit­ter­ing is a dis­gust­ing habit yet only 15% of us would actu­ally con­front someone and tell them that. Tak­ing pride in the areas we live and work in helps to build bet­ter com­munit­ies, and saves money.

This is why from May to Octo­ber, UK crowd­fund­ing net­work Hub­bub tri­alled a new approach to tack­ling lit­ter­ing on Vil­li­ers Street, West­min­ster, using the latest think­ing on beha­viour change and aware­ness rais­ing from around the world.

Hub­bub’s 5 point lit­ter manifesto:

We think that every­one can work togeth­er to make loc­al spaces clean­er, safer and more invit­ing. Let’s all put lit­ter in its place:

  • Gov­ern­ment: Don’t loiter on lit­ter. Cre­ate a strategy that has teeth.  Show lead­er­ship by provid­ing or stim­u­lat­ing fund­ing.  Engage with the sig­nat­or­ies of the Lit­ter Pre­ven­tion Com­mit­ment and oth­er import­ant stake­hold­ers to cre­ate a robust plan win­ning wide­spread support.
  • Busi­nesses, NGO’s and Loc­al Author­it­ies: Act with a uni­fied voice to raise lit­ter up the agenda with gov­ern­ment and the pub­lic. Share bright ideas and sup­port innov­at­ive, col­lab­or­at­ive beha­viour change schemes nationwide.
  • Loc­al Organ­isa­tions: Work to cre­ate new coali­tions, tak­ing loc­al action on lit­ter. Busi­ness Improve­ment Dis­tricts take a lead­er­ship role and share res­ults so that suc­cesses can be rep­lic­ated elsewhere.
  • Media! You have a role too. Help bring this issue ser­i­ously back into pub­lic debate. Cap­ture the ima­gin­a­tion of the pub­lic, pro­mot­ing pride in loc­al areas.
  • Every­one: Lit­ter is in your hands, and will only change if we change our beha­viours. Let’s wise up and bin it. Tak­ing pride in our neigh­bour­hoods will save money and help build bet­ter communities.

Inspired to run your own cam­paign? Click here for more inform­a­tion on rep­lic­at­ing Neat Streets.

via hubbub.org, ballotbin.co.uk and digitalsynopsis.com