On July 26 — 29, 2011, Google Ideas partnered with the Coun­cil on For­eign Rela­tions and the Tribe­ca Film Fest­iv­al to bring togeth­er more than one hun­dred attendees from a diverse range of back­grounds to address a com­mon goal of under­stand­ing how tech­no­logy can be part of solu­tions that counter viol­ent extrem­ism. A group of more than 80 sur­viv­ors and ‘formers’ – former viol­ent extrem­ists ran­ging from inner-city gang mem­bers and right-wing mil­it­ants, to viol­ent nation­al­ists and reli­gious extrem­ists – came togeth­er along­side more than 100 oth­er attendees, includ­ing non-profit organ­iz­a­tions, aca­demia, tech­no­logy com­pan­ies, gov­ern­ment, media and the private sec­tor, for three days of debates and workshops.

via contagious.com and google.com