Aug­men­ted Real­ity was not meant to hit the iPhone 3GS until at least the release of iPhone OS 3.1. Down­load the new Yelp app. Shake your iPhone 3 times. That activ­ates a fea­ture called Monocle. A blue box will come up say­ing “the Monocle has been activ­ated.” It will cre­ate a but­ton in the top right corner. Now you should be able to look at the bars, res­taur­ants, etc. Only works on iPhone 3GS.

This one not about loc­a­tion, but about people. This app uses the Flickr facial recog­ni­tion tech­no­logy of Polar Rose to identi­fy a per­sons face and pull up info like their online pro­file and con­tact info. Both creepy and amaz­ing at the same time.

Not only is this aug­men­ted real­ity app cool, but its use­ful as well! This iPhone app will help you find the nearest sub­way sta­tion. No need to ask for dir­ec­tions, and you will nev­er get lost.