On Septem­ber 11th, 2001 the fam­ous “Haus des Lehr­ers” build­ing at Ber­lin Alex­an­der­platz was enhanced to become world’s biggest inter­act­ive com­puter dis­play: Blinken­lights. The upper eight floors of the build­ing were trans­formed in to a huge dis­play by arran­ging 144 lamps behind the build­ing’s front win­dows. A com­puter con­trolled each of the lamps inde­pend­ently to pro­duce a mono­chrome mat­rix of 18 times 8 pixels. Dur­ing the night, a con­stantly grow­ing num­ber of anim­a­tions could be seen. But there was an inter­act­ive com­pon­ent as well: you were able to play the old arcade clas­sic Pong on the build­ing using your mobile phone and you could place your own love let­ters on the screen as well.

via blinkenlights.net