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Like the lead para­graph in a news story or thes­is in an essay, your head­line is your one true sen­tence: the single most import­ant asset for cap­tur­ing atten­tion in the feed.

Hem­ing­way is Sharethrough’s new AI-powered head­line ana­lyz­er, an easy-to-use, pub­licly avail­able tool that puts a wealth of pro­pri­et­ary data sci­ence and lin­guist­ic ana­lys­is at your fin­ger­tips for the first time. This new tool is free for any­one look­ing to nav­ig­ate the new pres­sures and demands in con­tent mar­ket­ing, help­ing them ana­lyze and quickly improve the qual­ity of their head­lines, optim­iz­ing for both impres­sion and engagement.

Below are the intial res­ults for this art­icle’s head­line (pre-Bey­on­cé).

Hemingway (actual headline result)

Using this ana­lys­er, I was able to push my Head­line Qual­ity Score from 62 to 79%. I’m not sure adding Bey­on­cé improved your level of engage­ment after you arrived, but you clicked on the head­line though, did­n’t you? Appar­ently that’s 98% of the prob­lem solved.

How does it work?

The Head­line Qual­ity Score is based on a mul­tivari­ate lin­guist­ic algorithm built on the prin­ciples of Beha­vi­or Mod­el the­ory and Sharethrough’s neur­os­cience and advert­ising research. The algorithm takes into account more than 300 unique vari­ables, includ­ing EEG data and Nat­ur­al Lan­guage Pro­cessing, enabling your nat­ive ads to cap­ture atten­tion, increase engage­ment and deliv­er a stronger impression.

Basic­ally, it offers sug­ges­tions to improve click­throughs — but’s it not going to write bet­ter head­lines for you.

Back to work, you Hemingway-wannabe.

via nativeadvertising.com