Kadenze Creative Coding

Kaden­ze has joined forces with many lead­ing uni­ver­sit­ies, insti­tu­tions, and organ­iz­a­tions to declare May as the “Inter­na­tion­al Month of Cre­at­ive Code.” A full month out of every year will now be ded­ic­ated towards put­ting the spot­light on cre­at­ive code-related events, new courses, artist fea­tures, inter­views, and projects.

There’s a num­ber of wide-ran­ging courses on the link below — from “Intro­duc­tion to Pro­gram­ming for Musi­cians and Digit­al Artists” to “Cre­at­ive Pro­gram­ming for Audi­ovisu­al Art”, there’s some­thing there for every­one. Every­one who’s inter­ested in Cre­at­ive Code, that is.

Not­ably, there seems to be a move­ment away from Pro­cessing towards the more browser-friendly Javas­cript-based P5 library.

via creativeapplications.net