In Wis­con­sin the gov­ern­ment is try­ing to privat­ise water — there are many prob­lems with this.

The Over­pass Light Bri­gade was forged in the act­iv­ist cli­mate of the Wis­con­sin Upris­ing. Our mes­sages shine at night over high­ways and oth­er pub­lic spaces. We believe in the power of com­munit­ies com­ing togeth­er in phys­ic­al space, as well as the import­ance of vis­ib­il­ity for grass­roots and pro­gress­ive causes. We are a loose and inclus­ive affil­i­ation of people ded­ic­ated to the power of peace­ful protest and art­ful activism.

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