ACPAD is the world’s first wire­less MIDI con­trol­ler for acous­tic gui­tar. Play thou­sands of instru­ments, trig­ger unlim­ited sound samples and effects, live record loops… without tak­ing your hand off your guitar!

  • 8x Touch Pads: ACPAD has eight pres­sure sens­it­ive touch pads that can be assigned to any MIDI intru­ment, Sound effect or sample that you can imagine
  • 10x Pre­set But­tons: You can also cus­tom­ize and save up to 25 pre­sets for quick access dur­ing and between songs
  • 2x Loop­er Chan­nels: There are two loop­er chan­nels that you can use to live record, trig­ger or stop loops from your guitar
  • 2x Slider Faders: ACPAD also has two sliders to mod­u­late the intens­ity of your sounds and effects while playing.