I won­der how long it will be before this form of e‑parody explodes.

If you look on Twit­ter, you will find that someone set up the Block­chain Insti­tute. Per­haps this offi­cial-sound­ing organ­isa­tion will come up with some good ideas as to the prac­tic­al applic­a­tion of blockchain?

A quick look through the institute’s Twit­ter men­tions shows people thank­ing it for shar­ing con­fer­ences and blogs, cri­ti­cising it for not cred­it­ing imagesinclud­ing it in con­ver­sa­tionscon­nect­ing it with friends, and ask­ing it ques­tions. But the Block­chain Insti­tute is a com­puter pro­gram. Not only that, it’s a pro­gram that tweets nonsense.

It replaces the word block­chain with Bey­on­cé and bit­coin with fem­in­ism. If it sees a tweet that says “block­chain is a star because of bit­coin” it changes it to “Bey­on­cé is a star because of fem­in­ism”. There is no new con­tent. The com­puter pro­gram does word sub­sti­tu­tion. Noth­ing more com­plex. Yet people are strug­gling to spot that it’s simply copy­ing oth­er people’s thoughts, words and ideas and — for some reas­on known only to its cre­at­or — adding in a bit of extra Bey­on­cé and feminism.

People are trust­ing opin­ions without recog­nising they are com­ing from a machine, or that they don’t actu­ally make any sense.

via marketingmagazine.co.uk and twitter.com