Blackberry Pearl Product Launch

This motion graph­ics video mon­tage played in exclu­sive night­clubs such as Lon­don’s Club 24, Man­ches­ter’s FAC251 and in Cam­bridge.

Cre­at­ed 48 hours before launch, it uses stock footage, TVC assets, brand logos, and gen­er­a­tive visu­als, all edit­ed togeth­er in order to cre­ate a seam­less and tiled loop­ing ani­ma­tion. I also cre­at­ed sup­ple­men­tal video assets for LCD cof­fee tables, and mobile-friend­ly 3GP video con­tent for the Black­ber­ry Pearl road­show.

Date: 25th May 2010

Client: Double A Digital

Category: Experiential