Operation Smoke Storm

  • Operation Smoke Storm
  • Operation Smoke Storm
  • Operation Smoke Storm
  • Operation Smoke Storm
  • Operation Smoke Storm
  • Operation Smoke Storm
  • Operation Smoke Storm
  • Operation Smoke Storm

World­wide, 1 per­son dies every 6.5 sec­onds due to smok­ing and oth­er tobac­co use. Every day in the UK, over 900 school chil­dren (aged under 16) try smok­ing for the first time.

Oper­a­tion Smoke Storm is a brand new style of learn­ing resource for schools which tar­gets this prob­lem by cre­at­ing a life­sav­ing shift in teens’ atti­tudes towards smok­ing and the tobac­co indus­try. It was designed to cre­ate class­room dis­cus­sion about unscrupu­lous tobac­co indus­try prac­tices that tar­get young peo­ple. It focus­es on tobac­co mar­ket­ing strate­gies from the per­spec­tive of a tobac­co indus­try exec­u­tive and mar­ket­ing com­pa­ny, as well as a health cam­paign­er, both seen through the eyes of a teenag­er and report­ed direct to cam­era in the form of a social media blog. Oper­a­tion Smoke Storm com­pris­es of 5 prin­ci­pal resource com­po­nents:

  • 3 sep­a­rate 50 minute ses­sions which can be deliv­ered con­sec­u­tive­ly over 3 PSHE ses­sions or dur­ing an entire cur­ricu­lum free day (rel­e­vant cur­ricu­lum links are pro­vid­ed)
  • 1 Fam­i­ly Com­po­nent – a take home book­let
  • 1 Boost­er Com­po­nent – a fol­low up inter­ac­tive ses­sion usu­al­ly deliv­ered one year after the orig­i­nal three ses­sions have been pre­sent­ed

In the ses­sions, the teacher streams a pre-loaded online mul­ti­me­dia pre­sen­ta­tion and dis­plays this on an over­head pro­jec­tor screen at the front of the class. The teacher can nav­i­gate through the pre­sen­ta­tion both back­wards and for­wards, play­ing video clips and paus­ing to facil­i­tate activ­i­ties and dis­cus­sions. Clear teacher instruc­tions and book­lets for stu­dents are pro­vid­ed. It was so suc­cess­ful, both a tri­al DVD ver­sion and exten­sion Boost­er ses­sions were added.

For this project, I was part of a larg­er team. My respon­si­bil­i­ties includ­ed;

  • Devel­op­ment of an adap­tive web-based AS3.0 Flash appli­ca­tion
  • Tech­ni­cal Direc­tion
  • Con­tent plan­ning and deliv­ery
  • Video com­pres­sion
  • Audio cleanup (mobile phone inter­fer­ence removal)
  • Project Man­age­ment (assist­ing the Lead Project Man­ag­er)
Video files
Audio files
Flash interactive games

A recent Lon­don tri­al showed that Oper­a­tion Smoke Storm improved stu­dent atti­tudes and mis­con­cep­tions held about smok­ing by as much as 39% and increased aware­ness of key smok­ing issues by 77%. This project was a final­ist in the 2012 BETT (British Edu­ca­tion­al Train­ing and Tech­nol­o­gy) Awards for Sec­ondary Dig­i­tal Con­tent.

British Educational Training and Technology Awards

Date: 12th March 2011

Client: ThriveTribe

Category: Code, Video