Horse & Country TV


Horse & Coun­try TV is an inter­na­tion­al multi-screen net­work about eques­tri­an­ism and coun­try life­style. The digit­al offer­ing (con­sist­ing of lin­ear TV chan­nel, live events and an extens­ive video back cata­logue) was delivered to sub­scribers across web, mobile and smart TV plat­forms via an eCo­m­merce B2C SaaS OTT platform.

Using writ­ten edit­or­i­als powered using Word­Press, poten­tial cus­tom­ers are driv­en into a con­tent mar­ket­ing fun­nel from paid-for social advert­ising to sub­scrip­tion purchase.


Refined the dun­ning pro­cess (total num­ber, peri­od­icity and mes­saging) to reduce eCo­m­merce invol­un­tary churn by over 50%.

Con­sol­id­ated 15 web­sites instances into a single integ­rated Word­Press multis­ite theme (for single glob­al updates and per­form­ance improvements)

Release man­ager for a large num­ber of app platforms:

  • iOS mobile
  • Android mobile
  • Web
  • Amazon FireTV
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Roku

Launched across six ter­rit­or­ies (UK, US, Sweden, Ger­many, Neth­er­lands, and APAC) in mul­tiple lan­guages and currencies.

Increased sub­scrip­tion signup con­ver­sions by test­ing mul­tiple mobile-first land­ing pages on the UnBounce platform.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Rank­ing in search engine res­ults were dra­mat­ic­ally improved in a num­ber of ways:

  • Cre­ation of struc­tured data (also known as “rich snip­pets”) which allowed the dis­play of news, tv pro­grams and indi­vidu­al video res­ults to appear in more enti­cing ways
  • Glob­al SSL cer­ti­fic­ates increased con­sumer confidence
  • Easy to under­stand in-page “traffic light” SEO eval­u­ation sys­tem for edit­or­i­al team
  • Bet­ter page ren­der­ing per­form­ance (includ­ing TTFB) which raised Google PageSpeed scores

eCommerce attribution

Example affil­i­ate jour­ney (includ­ing signposting)
  • End-to-end affil­i­ate track­ing pro­gram (which allowed full mon­it­or­ing of con­ver­sions, from digit­al dis­play advert­ising through to purchase)
  • Imple­men­ted coun­try-spe­cif­ic Face­book track­ing pixels (to allow the cre­ation of “lookalike” audi­ences for retargeting)
  • Con­sol­id­ated indi­vidu­al Face­book pages to a sim­pli­fied geo­graph­ic “Face­book Glob­al Pages” structure
  • Google AdWords attri­bu­tion mod­el­ling for eval­u­ation of paid-for keyword ad placements

New features

  • Daily/weekly TV guide (auto­mat­ic­ally updated every hour)
  • Count­down timers for time-based events and premi­eres (to increase FOMO)
  • 404 error page with mul­tiple end­points (so no dead-end cus­tom­er journeys)
  • Simple, uni­ver­sal nav­ig­a­tion for the hybrid web OTT and Word­Press applications
  • Hun­dreds of 302 redir­ec­tions (to avoid 404 errors from leg­acy links)
  • Improved con­tent dis­cov­ery (i.e. genre-based browsing)
  • Homepage geo­loca­tion (to pre­vent sub­scrip­tions being pur­chased from the wrong country)
  • OpenX ad dis­tri­bu­tion serv­er (for auto­mated deploy­ment and rotation)
  • Multi-lin­gual sub­scrip­tion drivers (includ­ing a second para­graph mobile-only unit)
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Intern­al digit­al dis­play advertising

Other enhancements

  • Improved cli­ent ser­vice by cre­at­ing eas­ily under­stood tech­nic­al doc­u­ment­a­tion (includ­ing User Per­so­nas & User Stories)
  • Enhanced intern­al com­mu­nic­a­tions with digit­al infra­struc­ture (e.g. Slack, Zapi­er, Trello) and cre­ated detailed step-by-step Product Sup­port Guides to facil­it­ate back­log pri­or­it­isa­tion and stake­hold­er buy-in
  • Google Ana­lyt­ics and Hot­jar integ­ra­tions (includ­ing open graph metadata for Face­book and Twitter)
  • Hun­dreds of 302 redir­ec­tions (to avoid 404 errors from pre­vi­ous site migra­tions and oth­er out­dated links)
  • Tech­nic­al doc­u­ment­a­tion for RFP and eval­u­ation cri­ter­ia for vendor selec­tion process
  • Single, uni­fied domain name strategy
  • Respons­ive (mobile-first) email mar­ket­ing tem­plates in MailChimp — includ­ing weekly RSS news emails — and auto­mated trans­ac­tion­al email pro­cessing in Mandrill
User inter­ac­tion heatmap

Date: 4th October 2017

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Category: Code, Product