AI CV Interview, Auto-Generated Interview, Custom Interview types

Interview360 is an Interview simulation training tool for job seekers. It helps build confidence and optimise performance for in-person and video interviews.

Unlike other interview training tools that can only use preset questions, Interview60 analyses your CV for skills and experience to automatically create highly relevant interview questions.

The challenge

  • design and develop a brand-new flagship product that tightly integrates with the existing platform
  • leverage existing CV360 product and over 100 interview training resources
  • reduce churn by encouraging reliance on multiple products
  • six-month timeline and extremely tight budget constraints, using an external team
  • implement complex AI video and transcript analysis from third-party API

The opportunity

  • provide a training service for anyone interviewing remotely
  • build in a way so that recruiters can use it as an evaluation tool
  • allow interview and report feedback to be shared with external mentors and coaches
  • benchmark performance across an organisation
  • commercialise each interview request (as an “AI credit”) to maintain sales margins
  • support career services teams with a sales enablement pack
  • serve as a an intermediary between candidates and employers

After uploading each question, the AI response is analysed programmatically based on an understanding of standard interviewing concepts, and feedback is provided on multiple separate data points including body language, communication & speech, camera position and video quality. In addition, the transcript is scanned for filler words and relevance to the question.

The comprehensive report includes full explanations and context, as well as tips and advice on how to improve. Interviews can be re-taken many times in order to improve techniques.

I managed the entire project from conception to delivery (including external supplier, creation of marketing support documentation, internal presentations to stakeholders, financials and post-delivery improvements).

AI Ethics

Aware of the pioneering work done by AI researchers such as Joy Buolamwini and Timnit Gebru on bias in face recognition technology (as well as impacting end-users with disabilities such as speech impediments and the neuro-diverse), I advised a disclaimer should be added to mitigate any potential negative response. Shortly after launch, a number of Universities got in touch regarding this specific aspect.

Based on your CV
Instant AI-powered feedback
Lasting Sales Impact
Lasting Sales Impact
Renewable AI Credits


  • phased delivery approach to reduce risk
  • delivered on-time and 1% under budget
  • over 60,000 videos have been uploaded since launch
  • post-Covid remote working expanded the market
  • AI credits now expire on contract renewal, further increasing renewal uplift
  • having seen the success in the market, our own internal recruitment team now uses this tool to evaluate candidates

Date: 27th November 2022

Client: Access Group - Interview360

Category: Product