Don’t be good, be Brilliant

  • Don’t be good, be Brilliant
  • Don’t be good, be Brilliant

After two suc­cess­ful years pro­mot­ing brand aware­ness of the Oxford/Cambridge annu­al boat race, the task to mon­et­ise the 2014/2015 spon­sor­ship was now to explain more about why BNY Mel­lon have sponsored the race, how it links to what they do, and start a longer con­ver­sa­tion with their audi­ences. Part of this solu­tion was to cre­ate the BNY Mel­lon Bril­liant website.

At the centre sits a con­tent hub — where the tar­get audi­ence could dis­cov­er how to take insights from the boat race and the wider sport­ing world, and apply it to their jobs, enabling them to per­form bet­ter at work. The site con­tained a cal­en­dar of enga­ging con­tent to pop­u­late the site, includ­ing inter­views with sports and busi­ness per­son­al­it­ies, cli­ent and pro­spect events, and ori­gin­a­tion of long and short copy art­icles and infographics.

In total, 106 pieces of con­tent were cre­ated for the cam­paign, deployed through­out the year. The cam­paign also used social media and HTML emails to drive traffic back to the site and gen­er­ate views and shares.

Protected Area

This con­tent is pass­word-pro­tec­ted. Please veri­fy with a pass­word to unlock the content.

Since the ini­tial launch, site vis­its have reached 40k and there have been 1,200 social shares and art­icle views. Long-form rel­ev­ant con­tent has increased site stick­i­ness, so we know vis­it­ors are read­ing the con­tent and com­ing back for more.

On this pro­ject I was respons­ible for:

  • Digit­al Pro­ject Management
  • Inform­a­tion Archi­tec­ture (Sitemaps)
  • Creative/Visual Design Collaboration
  • Aggreg­a­tion across mul­tiple Social Media platforms
  • Anim­a­tion
  • User Exper­i­ence & Wireframing
  • User Jour­neys
  • Qual­ity Assur­ance & Testing

Date: 13th September 2015

Category: Product