Don’t be good, be Brilliant

  • Don’t be good, be Brilliant
  • Don’t be good, be Brilliant

After two successful years promoting brand awareness of the Oxford/Cambridge annual boat race, the task to monetise the 2014/2015 sponsorship was now to explain more about why BNY Mellon have sponsored the race, how it links to what they do, and start a longer conversation with their audiences. Part of this solution was to create the BNY Mellon Brilliant website.

At the centre sits a content hub — where the target audience could discover how to take insights from the boat race and the wider sporting world, and apply it to their jobs, enabling them to perform better at work. The site contained a calendar of engaging content to populate the site, including interviews with sports and business personalities, client and prospect events, and origination of long and short copy articles and infographics.

In total, 106 pieces of content were created for the campaign, deployed throughout the year. The campaign also used social media and HTML emails to drive traffic back to the site and generate views and shares.

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Since the initial launch, site visits have reached 40k and there have been 1,200 social shares and article views. Long-form relevant content has increased site stickiness, so we know visitors are reading the content and coming back for more.

On this project I was responsible for:

  • Digital Project Management
  • Information Architecture (Sitemaps)
  • Creative/Visual Design Collaboration
  • Aggregation across multiple Social Media platforms
  • Animation
  • User Experience & Wireframing
  • User Journeys
  • Quality Assurance & Testing

Date: 13th September 2015

Category: Product