Urban Queens Mini-Documentary

Inten­ded as the first in a series, this mini-doc­u­ment­ary is a self-ini­ti­ated cul­tur­al com­ment­ary, star­ring young women who reg­u­larly use and fre­quent tan­ning salons, nail salons, beauty salons and bronz­ing clin­ics in the South Essex area of the UK.

The style is that of vox pop­uli (lat­in for ‘voice of the people’) — this means there is no nar­rat­ive or com­ment­ary voice-over. Most often seen dur­ing news seg­ments, this style allows the per­son­al­ity and atti­tudes of the inter­view sub­jects to become par­tic­u­larly apparent.

Date: 15th December 2006

Category: Video