In this interview with media theorist Douglas Rushkoff promoting his latest book Throwing Books At The Google Bus: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperityhe notes that sharing profits with your employees is just good business.

“This is not bad business; this is not charity. This is using the principle of platform cooperativism to end up with wealthier markets, wealthier employees, wealthier suppliers. The wealthier the people are around you, then the wealthier you get to be.” – Douglas Rushkoff

This thoughtful interview covers a lot of the altruistic territory suggested by the 99% – except Douglas has the historical muscle to back up his claims. Referring to new technologies as a renaissance of older, more repressed approaches, he provides thoughtful prose and a look towards a more hopeful future – for us all. Worth a read.


Throwing Rocks At The Google Bus: How Growth Became The Enemy of Prosperity