In this inter­view with media the­or­ist Douglas Rushkoff pro­mot­ing his latest book Throw­ing Books At The Google Bus: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosper­ityhe notes that shar­ing profits with your employ­ees is just good business.

“This is not bad busi­ness; this is not char­ity. This is using the prin­ciple of plat­form cooper­ativ­ism to end up with wealth­i­er mar­kets, wealth­i­er employ­ees, wealth­i­er sup­pli­ers. The wealth­i­er the people are around you, then the wealth­i­er you get to be.” — Douglas Rushkoff 

This thought­ful inter­view cov­ers a lot of the altru­ist­ic ter­rit­ory sug­ges­ted by the 99% — except Douglas has the his­tor­ic­al muscle to back up his claims. Refer­ring to new tech­no­lo­gies as a renais­sance of older, more repressed approaches, he provides thought­ful prose and a look towards a more hope­ful future — for us all. Worth a read.


Throwing Rocks At The Google Bus: How Growth Became The Enemy of Prosperity