Work­ing closely with Rob Cohen, the design team com­posed scenes sim­il­ar in style to a graph­ic nov­el, build­ing ten­sion and trans­itions using brush­stroke sil­hou­ettes of recog­niz­able char­ac­ters from the film, with 3D mod­els provided by Rhythm & Hues and Digit­al Domain. Mas­ter cal­li­graph­er T.Z. Yuan was also con­sul­ted for the ink brush writ­ing, to achieve a level authen­ti­city amidst the fant­ast­ic­al ele­ments of the film. The sequence was built around the Chinese cal­li­graphy of the five ele­ments — water, wood, earth, met­al and fire.

via Ima­gin­ary Forces