Social Media Kit Pro

Here’s the ulti­mate guide to cre­at­ing social media imagery effec­tive­ly in 2016, all in the same place.

Opengraph — why so many images?

First­ly, a great post by Gar­rett Heath at Rack­space that I’ve been using for a long time. It pro­pos­es a sin­gle 1600 x 800 image with safe areas that will work as open­graph images for unfurl­ing on all the major social media chan­nels — Face­book, LinkedIn, Twit­ter, and Google+. One image to rule them all, indeed (cor­rect me if I’m wrong here, please).

One Image to Rule Them All

Dimensions — how wide, how high

Next up, the ulti­mate cheat sheet info­graph­ic from Jamie Spencer for image dimen­sions across Face­book, Twit­ter, Google+, Insta­gram, Pin­ter­est, Tum­blr, LinkedIn and YouTube. If you’re cre­at­ing a pro­file on any of these, this should be your first port of call. Until they change, of course.

Facebook image sizes

PSD Approval Mockups

This leads me onto the last (but by no means least) link, you’ll be want­i­ng some mock­up PSD tem­plates to demon­strate your great images. There are a bunch of sites out there with down­load­able PSDs (this one from is pret­ty good), but the best one I’ve found is actu­al­ly a plu­g­in for Pho­to­shop called Social Kit Pro. It down­loads new ver­sions when a tem­plate (Face­book, Twit­ter, Google+, LinkedIn, VKon­tak­te, Insta­gram, YouTube and Dribb­ble) is updat­ed, for a sin­gle fee of $39.99 (£28).

Social Media Kit Pro - LinkedIn