Zoom ARQ

The ZOOM ARQ Aero Rhythm­Trak is an all-in-one pro­duc­tion and live per­for­mance instru­ment which includes an inte­grat­ed drum machine, sequencer, syn­the­siz­er, loop­er, and MIDI con­troller with a built-in accelerom­e­ter.

One trend in music instru­ments devel­op­ment is get­ting away from lin­ear inter­faces based on knobs and keys, and instead cre­at­ing devices that allow phys­i­cal intu­itive inter­ac­tion and designed for live per­for­mances. That is where Zoom ARQ comes in, one of the most amaz­ing music instru­ments of the year. Zoom ARQ is a cir­cu­lar device with a light­ed ring that lets you visu­al­ize music as a true loop and it func­tions as a drum machine, sequencer, syn­the­siz­er, loop­er and MIDI con­troller at the same time. ARQ is com­plete­ly wire­less and can be used as a stand­alone instru­ment or con­nect­ed to a com­put­er. It is a show in itself and a one-of-a-kind live music expe­ri­ence.

Just wait until Kier­an Heb­den gets his hands on it!

via sonarplusd.com and zoom-na.com