The land­mark exhib­i­tion Design and the Elast­ic Mind explores the recip­roc­al rela­tion­ship between sci­ence and design in the con­tem­por­ary world by bring­ing togeth­er design objects and con­cepts that marry the most advanced sci­entif­ic research with attent­ive con­sid­er­a­tion of human lim­it­a­tions, habits, and aspir­a­tions. The exhib­i­tion high­lights design­ers abil­ity to grasp moment­ous changes in tech­no­logy, sci­ence, and his­torychanges that demand or reflect major adjust­ments in human beha­vi­or­and trans­late them into objects that people can actu­ally under­stand and use. This Web site presents over three hun­dred of these works, includ­ing fifty pro­jects that are not fea­tured in the gal­lery exhibition.