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A client came to me looking to refresh their website and add the ability for customers to replenish consumables and purchase accessories. Firstly, the logo needed some work to allow it to be recognisable in both large and small versions – so some minor design work was required.

Next up, a little work on web typography and selection of a suitable WordPress theme that could be utilised with some small changes (as the client had a very limited budget). Additionally, hosting changes were needed to allow access to the existing install, as well as creating a staging environment and installation of an SSL certificate (to enable higher SEO performance and secure communication for eCommerce).

To confirm the number of pages required and how they worked together, I created a simple Information Architecture sitemap – this improved communication and made changes a lot easier to locate.

Once a suitable WooCommerce theme was approved, I added some stock photography to the product images supplied by the USA supplier, and a background image to indicate relevance to construction. I configured the other plugins (such as contact forms, SEO performance, and anti-spam) as well as adding all the product items, delivery and tax information in WooCommerce.

However, shortly before launch the client asked for the eCommerce section to be removed, as managing the delivery and fulfilment aspect was taking more time than was anticipated. Thanks to the selection of CMS, I was able to disable this feature with a few administrative clicks and it could easily be turned back on at short notice.

On this client project I was responsible for:

  • Branding update
  • WordPress theme selection, design changes and plugin configuration (including analytics, SEO and security)
  • Back-end hosting and server configuration
  • WooCommerce ecommerce integration (on hold at client’s request)

Date: 5th March 2013

Category: Code, Design