Digital Display Advertising (Adobe Flash)

Visa — “Flipping Clock”

An action­script (AS2) Flash-based ban­ner cam­paign to pro­mote Visa’s cred­it card for busi­ness, these ani­ma­tions were used in many sizes and cre­ative exe­cu­tions. It starts with the real time (retrieved from the user’s com­put­er clock), and increas­es in speed to give the impres­sion of ‘time fly­ing by’.

Care­ful atten­tion to detail meant it close­ly rep­re­sent­ed both the ana­logue mech­a­nism and a blurred ani­ma­tion effect, while still being ful­ly gen­er­at­ed in real time.

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Samsonite — “Cubelite”

This mul­ti-chan­nel cam­paign for Sam­sonite to pro­mote Cube­lite (now re-brand­ed as Lite-cube) con­sist­ed of a num­ber of Flash online ban­ner place­ments for pre­mi­um retail­ers (such as House of Fras­er, Har­rods, Sel­f­ridges and John Lewis), as well as videos for LCD sig­nage in West­field shop­ping malls and dig­i­tal esca­la­tor pan­els on the Lon­don Under­ground. The prod­ucts in the Flash-only ban­ners start­ed in ran­dom posi­tions, and utilised a sim­ple col­li­sion-detec­tion algo­rithm and real-world shad­ows to give the 40kb files more visu­al inter­est.

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The rich media ver­sions con­tained exten­sive­ly re-edit­ed, extend­ed and rotat­ed cuts of the orig­i­nal TVC (refined for each place­ment size).

Cubelight at Selfridges

Samsonite Cubelite - Westfield White City
Exte­ri­on Medi­a’s ‘West­field Cen­tre Spec­tac­u­lar’ LCD screen in White City (13m wide x 4.5m).
Samsonite Cubelite - Waterloo
JCDe­caux’s Trans­vi­sion LCD screen at Lon­don Water­loo.