Aotearoa On The Tube

Today is World Usab­il­ity Day.

On Sunday I com­pleted my entry into the BBC/Radio1/1Xtra Vj Super­star Com­pet­i­tion! My entry is above. The com­pet­i­tion closed on Monday, vari­ous judges are eval­u­at­ing (includ­ing mem­bers from Tomato and Cold­cut) until Decem­ber 1, when the win­ners are announced. Keep your fin­gers crossed!

I’m listen­ing to Trin­ity Roots’ Aotearoa on my com­mute into Lon­don some­times — it makes me pine for a bright sum­mers day in Albert Park or K Road. Espe­cially com­fort­ing when the tube is a sanc­tu­ary from the pour­ing rain above. Voted on Radio 1 site for Fat Freddys Drop album of the year. Anoth­er Loop selec­tion is out — checkit!

I’ve added a help screen to my VJ app, hope to get that on-line soon.

Found a loc­al (Highbury/Islington!) weekly VJ get-togeth­er, attend­ing next week with VJ Fibro (Ben) from AK — will keep you pos­ted on the Lon­don scene. Queued up for over an hour the night before last at a vj gig (Future Shorts, part of the BFI Lon­don Film Fest­iv­al), only to throw in the tow­el at a packed house. A good pro­spect for future vj gigs, it being sold out, but what a disappointment…

Edit­ing the com­pet­i­tion audio mix (down to 3mins) got me think­ing about music again, hope­fully will start head­ing in that dir­ec­tion a bit more.

Try­ing to join the loc­al vil­lage Town For­um to help raise funds for the christ­mas lights — the dis­trict coun­cil has can­celled the non-profit boot sale until it can get licensed. Red tape must die!