Monthly Archives: June 2006

Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest

Artist Theo Jansen demon­strates the amaz­ingly life­like kin­et­ic sculp­tures he builds from plastic tubes and lem­on­ade bottles. His creatures are designed to move – and even sur­vive – on their own.

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Greetings from Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Crazi­ness this week — a harsh intro­duc­tion to dutch red tape. Hon­estly, it was like a scene out of Brazil!

Short updates (for those interested!):

  • “Urb­an Queens” short film near­ing the end of post-pro­duc­tion, start­ing to hang togeth­er now.
  • Motion Graph­ics showreel almost done
  • Neth­er­lands tax num­ber (SOFI) progress
  • “Fire Poi” short film about 70% complete
  • I’m still try­ing to learn the Midi Trig­ger Finger!

No dice with study­ing in Ber­lin — it smelt funny. Free rent­al bikes though, and it had a great Film Museum with Mar­lene Diet­rich, Fritz Lang & Ray Harry­hausen (!) exhibits.