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The Ministry of Type

The Ministry of Type is a weblog by Aegir Hallmundur about type, typography, lettering, calligraphy and other related things that inspire him. He is a designer originally from the far north of England, now living and working in Brighton in the far south of England. He loves hand-tracing and recreating old designs as vector artwork.


This happened…

This happened is a series of events focusing on the stories behind interaction design. Having ideas is easier than making them happen. They delve into projects that exist today, how their concepts and production process can help inform future work.


onedotzero 2009 brand identity

This year’s festival theme of ‘convergence and collaboration’ inspired wieden + kennedy to take advantage of onedotzero’s vast fan base and constant, online conversations to create this new identity. They have harnessed dialogue from twitter, facebook, etc, and have channelled the content via specially produced software devised by computational design wizard Karsten Schmidt (a.k.a. Toxi) through colourful ‘ribbons’ that move organically as if alive. These ribbons gravitate towards invisible paths that will ultimately mirror onedotzeros font and logo: a living, breathing identity that encapsulates the themes of the festival.


The Urinal Game

The first piece of Flash animation I ever saw. The object of this game is to text your knowledge of Men’s Room etiquette. You will be presented with several scenarios. In each one, you must select the proper urinal to use.

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Spec work and spec-based design contests have a detrimental impact on the quality of design, negatively affecting both the designer and the client. In an effort to educate those working in the design profession, as well as the clients who use their services, a group of designers got together to share advice and stories about the pitfalls of spec.


Core 77

Industrial Design content and community site – articles, discussions, interviews and resources.



The space-boyscout in Tom Sachs got together with the designer in Tom Sachs and they crafted together their very own super-official NASA shotgun.

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Processing by Toxi

Codebased motiondesign, 3D demos, interactive visualisations, audio-visuals & tools using Processing, Shockwave and Flash. Source code released under Creative Commons License.

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SWFObject 2 HTML and JavaScript generator

Automatic code creation for implemention of SWFObject – create Flash detection with alternative content, using standards compliant markup and embeds Flash content with unobtrusive JavaScript. Avoids ‘click-to-activate’ mechanisms in Internet Explorer 6+ and Opera 9+ and is easy to author (even without using this generator).

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On September 11th, 2001 the famous “Haus des Lehrers” building at Berlin Alexanderplatz was enhanced to become world’s biggest interactive computer display: Blinkenlights. The upper eight floors of the building were transformed in to a huge display by arranging 144 lamps behind the building’s front windows. A computer controlled each of the lamps independently to produce a monochrome matrix of 18 times 8 pixels. During the night, a constantly growing number of animations could be seen. But there was an interactive component as well: you were able to play the old arcade classic Pong on the building using your mobile phone and you could place your own love letters on the screen as well.



Digital advertising and marketing: only the best ideas worldwide, since 2003.


Variance by Jeremy Thorpe

Variance is an attempt to provide a creative tool for designers that can leverage some of the power of evolution. Using Variance, designers can harness genetic algorithms to brainstorm or refine compositional ideas. The classical design process becomes the Evolutionary Design Process.


Yellowtail by Golan Levin

Yellowtail is an interactive software system for the gestural creation and performance of real-time abstract animation. Yellowtail repeats a user’s strokes end-over-end, enabling simultaneous specification of a line’s shape and quality of movement. Each line repeats according to its own period, producing an ever-changing and responsive display of lively, worm-like textures.


Art. Lebedev Studio

We offer advanced industrial, graphic, web and interface design. We live the way we like. We work the way we believe is right. We dont give a shit about corporate values all together. All the award plaques end up hanging in our lavatory. We abhor buzzword combinations creative solution and business process optimization. The offers we send to our clients rarely exceed one page. The only principle we follow is just two words: No bullshit.

Founded in Moscow in 1995, Art. Lebedev Studio is the only design company in the world offering product design, city environment design, graphic design, websites, interfaces, packaging, interior design, typeface design, custom patterns, illustrations, and book publishing under one roof.