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After Effects Expressions

Prop­erty attrib­utes and meth­ods (expres­sion ref­er­ence) — a way to com­bine pro­gram­ming with motion graph­ics with­in After Effects. Opens up a whole new world.

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Inside the Iron Man HUD

On set Q&A; with Kent Seki, Visu­al­iz­a­tion and HUD Super­visor on the movie Iron Man.

“Think about how graph­ics 10–20 years were green mono­graphs because of the mono­chro­mat­ic mon­it­ors. Today in movies, mon­it­ors are all pretty much cyan. Whats it going to be tomor­row? White, clean white with col­or accents for attention.” 

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Mark Coleran, Fantasy UI Designer

Mark Col­er­an is a visu­al design­er who has worked in a wide range of design dis­cip­lines from print graph­ics to motion design and visu­al effects. His work in motion graph­ics has included tele­vi­sion show titles and brand­ing through to his spe­cial­ist area; the design, cre­ation and anim­a­tion of fantasy user inter­faces for film. Over the years this work has seen him cre­ate inter­faces for such films as The Bourne Ulti­mat­um, Tomb Raid­er, Mis­sion Impossible 3, The Island and Mr and Mrs Smith.