Monthly Archives: January 2010

The EyeWriter Initiative

Tony Quan a.k.a. Tempt One (graf­fi­ti writer, pub­lish­er, and activist) was diag­nosed with ALS (Lou Gehrigs dis­ease) in 2003, and is now almost com­plete­ly par­a­lyzed, despite hav­ing full men­tal fac­ul­ties. Enter the Not Impos­si­ble Foun­da­tion and their new Eye­writer project. They pro­grammed cus­tom, open-source free­ware that can track eye move­ments, allow­ing Quan and oth­ers to write and even draw using only an eye, a com­put­er, free soft­ware, and about $50 in parts (includ­ing a mod­i­fied PlaySta­tion Eye).


The Third & The Seventh

A full-CGI ani­mat­ed piece from Alex Roman that tries to illus­trate archi­tec­ture art across a pho­to­graph­ic point of view where main sub­jects are already-built spaces. Some­times in an abstract way. Some­times sur­re­al.


SimpleViewer 2.0

Sim­ple­View­er is a free, cus­tomiz­able Flash image view­ing appli­ca­tion. Light­weight and easy to use, it fea­tures smart pre­load­ing, a resiz­able inter­face, thumb­nail menu and option­al descrip­tion text.

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