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Paul Rand by Imaginary Forces

For Paul Rand’s posthu­mous induc­tion into The One Club’s Hall of Fame for 2007, Imag­i­nary Forces cre­at­ed a short film, com­bin­ing orig­i­nal ani­ma­tion with a video­taped inter­view of Rand him­self, that encap­su­lat­ed his unique and time­less con­tri­bu­tion to the design com­mu­ni­ty.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (end title)

Work­ing close­ly with Rob Cohen, the design team com­posed scenes sim­i­lar in style to a graph­ic nov­el, build­ing ten­sion and tran­si­tions using brush­stroke sil­hou­ettes of rec­og­niz­able char­ac­ters from the film, with 3D mod­els pro­vid­ed by Rhythm & Hues and Dig­i­tal Domain. Mas­ter cal­lig­ra­ph­er T.Z. Yuan was also con­sult­ed for the ink brush writ­ing, to achieve a lev­el authen­tic­i­ty amidst the fan­tas­ti­cal ele­ments of the film. The sequence was built around the Chi­nese cal­lig­ra­phy of the five ele­ments — water, wood, earth, met­al and fire.

via Imag­i­nary Forces

“Exactshit” video mashups (by Hexstatic)

‘Exact­shit’ and ‘Now Thats What I Call Exact­shit DVD 2’ are boot­leg mashup DVDs released by Hexsta­t­ic (Exact­shit is an ana­gram of Hexsta­t­ic).

Fea­tur­ing sam­ples of pop­u­lar hit songs, only 200 copies of Exact­shit were made avail­able at the Big Chill Music Fes­ti­val 2003 and from the Nin­ja Tune online store. It has since been more broad­ly dis­trib­uted through online file shar­ing. In late 2006, a sec­ond DVD, Now That’s What I Call Exact­shit DVD 2 was released. The album was wide­ly praised by music crit­ics.

via Hexstatic’s vimeo chan­nel

Livid Builder — make your own midi VJ controller!

Builder is a line of DIY parts that make it easy for users to design their own USB MIDI con­trol sur­faces and devices using but­tons, knobs, faders, and talk­back LEDs. The BYOB (build your own board) series allows you to eas­i­ly con­fig­ure and cre­ate a con­trol device with mod­u­lar, per­fo­rat­ed cir­cuit boards that can be orga­nized into cus­tomized setups and con­fig­u­ra­tions.

via Livid Instru­ments

Mirror Neurons

Vilaya­nur Ramachan­dran dis­cuss­es the mind/body prob­lem, and why our brains tell us we are not all part of the same expe­ri­ence — “… all that’s sep­a­rat­ing you from him, from the oth­er per­son, is your skin.”


Lyrebird imitating construction work

We think we can hear the fol­low­ing sounds:

  1. Ham­mer
  2. Chain­saw
  3. Jack ham­mer
  4. Lawn mow­er hit­ting sticks
  5. Leaf blow­er start­ing
  6. Pow­er drill
  7. Wood saw
  8. Human voic­es
  9. Two-way radio
  10. Work­er whistling

He makes lots of dif­fer­ent bird calls as well. What can you hear?