Monthly Archives: September 2010

Unleashed Devices

The opening night party saw this performer (unfortunately unknown) playing strobes through an audio desk, using delays and effects processors on interference. “Artists Neil Mendoza and Anthony Goh extended a 90-year-old typewriter’s function with a microcontroller that makes it loudly type a repertoire of phrases as soon as someone steps in front of the interactive device.” Words such as ‘PleAse lEa vE me alOe… Stop looing at me…’ typed themselves out, as if it was a timid ghost in the machine.


Getting Started with ActionScript 3.0

The goal of this article is to help acclimate you to working with ActionScript 3.0. It will focus on using ActionScript 3.0 within the Flash CS3 IDE, the first version of the Flash authoring environment to support this new version of ActionScript.


The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy

Released on September 14, 1984, this game sold 400,000 copies in initial release, and was No 1 on the bestseller lists for a good part of 1985. Consistently voted as the funniest game of all time. The (unofficial, unfinished) sequel is located here.