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AntiVJ is a visual label

ANTIVJ is a visu­al label ini­ti­ated by a group of European artists whose work is focused on the use of pro­jec­ted light and its influ­ence on our per­cep­tion. Clearly step­ping away from stand­ard setups & tech­niques, Anti­VJ presents live per­form­ances and install­a­tions, provid­ing to the audi­ence a senses chal­len­ging experience.

YesYesNo — Night Lights

In this install­a­tion YesYesNo teamed up with The Church, Inside Out Pro­duc­tions and Elec­tric Can­vas to turn the Auck­land Ferry Build­ing into an inter­act­ive play­ground. The job was to cre­ate an install­a­tion that would go bey­ond merely pro­jec­tion on build­ings and allow view­ers to become per­formers, by tak­ing their body move­ments and amp­li­fy­ing them 5 stor­ies tall. We used 3 dif­fer­ent types of inter­ac­tion — body inter­ac­tion on the two stages, hand inter­ac­tion above a light table, and phone inter­ac­tion with the track­ing of wav­ing phones. There were 6 scenes, cycled every hour for the public.
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Quayola — PTA 10

PTA is a live audio-visu­al per­form­ance focus­ing on pre­cise syn­chron­isa­tions between sound and image. It is a res­ult of mul­tiple col­lab­or­a­tions with vari­ous musi­cians worldwide.

Ze Frank: My web playroom

On the web, a new “Friend” may be just a click away, but true con­nec­tion is harder to find and express. Ze Frank presents a med­ley of zany Inter­net toys that require deep par­ti­cip­a­tion – and reward it with some­thing more nourishing.