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Sequence of dropped cam­er­as, seam­lessly edited into a single film.


Where Science, Art and Photography Intersect


Caleb Char­land demon­strates les­sons in phys­ics and math­em­at­ics with his mind-blow­ing pho­to­graphy. Inspired by chil­dren’s books of sci­ence exper­i­ments, he pho­to­graphs every­day objects (like matches, pens and mir­rors) in ways we’ve nev­er ima­gined, often using mul­tiple expos­ures to tell the story.


The Point of Perception

The work exists at the bound­ar­ies of film/moving image. It encom­passes neur­os­cience, vis­ion, geo­metry and illu­sion and is designed to work spe­cific­ally on the human eye and brain. It is cur­rently being developed as an neur­os­cientif­ic invest­ig­a­tion into aes­thet­ics, pat­terns and the sublime.

It pro­duces a strong effect in many people — they are often com­pletely mes­mer­ised by the aes­thet­ic qual­it­ies of the work and spend a long time with the work.

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Unlogo — The Corporate Identity Media Filter

Unlogo is a web ser­vice that elim­in­ates logos and oth­er cor­por­ate sig­nage from videos. On a prac­tic­al level, it takes back your per­son­al media from the cor­por­a­tions and advert­isers. On a tech­nic­al level, it is a really cool com­bin­a­tion of some brand new OpenCV and FFMPEG func­tion­al­ity. On a poet­ic level, it is a tool for focus­ing on what is import­ant in the record of your life rather than the ubi­quit­ous mes­sages that advert­isers want you to focus on.

In short, Unlogo gives people the oppor­tun­ity to opt out of hav­ing cor­por­ate mes­sages per­man­ently imprin­ted into the pho­to­graph­ic record of their lives.

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