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Daydreaming with… St Michael’s

Doug Fosters film install­a­tion The Heretics Gate, with music by UNKLE
Day­dream­ing with… St Michaels is open to the pub­lic from Weds 27 April — Thurs 5 May, every day from 12—6pm. Entry is free. St Michaels Church, Cam­den Road, Lon­don NW1.


Before I die

Candy Chang is a pub­lic install­a­tion artist, design­er, urb­an plan­ner, and co-founder of Civic Cen­ter. This self-ini­ti­ated pro­ject “Before I Die” turns an an aban­doned build­ing in her neigh­bour­hood into an inspir­ing can­vas of people’s aspir­a­tions. See more of this and oth­er pro­jects over at her site here.

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Emergency Broadcast Network (EBN)

Josh Pear­son, EBN’s cha­ris­mat­ic front man and prin­cip­al per­form­ance artist, was also EBN’s music com­poser and main video edit­or. The music and video edit­ing tech­niques he per­son­ally developed and refined have been hugely influ­en­tial on a gen­er­a­tion of advert­ising and music video editors.

The first EBN video pro­ject was a music­al remix of the Gulf War, cre­ated in 1991 as the war was still ongo­ing. The VHS tape of the remix pro­ject, which con­tained the George H.W. Bush “We Will Rock You” cov­er, became a vir­al under­ground hit, and was dis­trib­uted widely by fans as bootleg cop­ies. In the sum­mer of 1991, EBN traveled with the first Lol­lap­a­looza tour, dis­trib­ut­ing tapes and show­ing their videos on a mod­i­fied sta­tion wag­on with TVs on the roof. The group also became well known for their media sculp­tures and stage props which were cre­ated by Gard­ner Post.

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Conan O’Brien // Farewell to NBC

This Kin­et­ic Typo­graphy pro­ject was cre­ated from dia­logue from Con­an O’Bri­en’s final epis­ode of The Tonight Show on NBC. In this dia­logue he describes his feel­ings about NBC and the situ­ation at hand. His per­son­al­ity exudes pos­it­iv­ity and humor and this dia­logue describes his char­ac­ter very well. Even through the hard­ships of leav­ing NBC he pro­motes hard work and kindness.