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Access Main Computer File

A blog with nothing but screenshots of computer interfaces in movies. Some of them are amusing, some make no sense and some feature large fonts so the audience knows what’s on the computer.


Royal de Luxe

Royal de Luxe is a French mechanical marionette street theatre company. They were founded in 1979 by Jean Luc Courcoult. In the past dozen years, they have created a series of spectacular shows involving giant figures as big as 11 or 12 metres high. Shows are simple the animal or giant arrives in town and lives its life, going about its business for a few days. Extraordinary interactions take place between passers-by and the performance; residents become enchanted with the activities of these miraculous beings and begin to follow their every move.

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The Creators Project – Intel & Vice at Coachella 2011

The Orchestrion – UVA’s standalone light and sound sculpture with experimental music provided by fellow Creator Mira Calix.


Summer Into Dust by Arcade Fire (Dir. Chris Milk) – during Arcade Fires last song “Wake Up,” cascades of beachballs were released into the crowd. With the help of ESKI and Moment Factory, Milk was able to control the LEDs and IR transmitters, embedded in each ball (provided by Tangible Interaction), to light paint kaleidoscopic patterns all over the unsuspecting audience.


Summit Against Violent Extremism

On July 26 – 29, 2011, Google Ideas partnered with the Council on Foreign Relations and the Tribeca Film Festival to bring together more than one hundred attendees from a diverse range of backgrounds to address a common goal of understanding how technology can be part of solutions that counter violent extremism. A group of more than 80 survivors and ‘formers’ – former violent extremists ranging from inner-city gang members and right-wing militants, to violent nationalists and religious extremists – came together alongside more than 100 other attendees, including non-profit organizations, academia, technology companies, government, media and the private sector, for three days of debates and workshops.

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Non-smoking cities – the future?

Luang Prabang, Laos (confirmed)
New York, USA (confirmed)
Newtown, Sydney, Australia (confirmed)
Alexandria, Egypt
Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire, UK
Sports Venues in Victoria, Australia