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The Argus™ II Artificial Retina

The Argus II Reti­nal Pros­the­sis Sys­tem (“Argus II”) is designed to bypass dam­aged pho­tore­cep­tors in cer­tain blind patients. A minia­ture video cam­era housed in the patient’s glass­es cap­tures a scene. The video is sent to a small patient-worn com­put­er (i.e., the video pro­cess­ing unit – VPU) where it is processed and trans­formed into instruc­tions that are sent back to the glass­es via a cable. These instruc­tions are trans­mit­ted wire­less­ly to a receiv­er in the implant.

via Sec­ond Sight

Tempo and typography

This is a short song by Moon­dog called “Fog On The Hud­son (425 West 57th Street)”. Moon­dog was a blind Amer­i­can com­pos­er, musi­cian, poet, and inven­tor of sev­er­al musi­cal instru­ments. He lived on the streets of New York for 20 years, and record­ed over 18 albums.
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