Monthly Archives: November 2011

Amon Tobin: V Squared Labs and TouchDesigner

Giz­modo called it “The Con­cert of the Future, Today” and CHART­at­tack said that “it was a live show one might have said could only be cre­ated and per­formed by a cyber­net­ic organ­ism.” where “ground­break­ing mod­el­ing and map­ping tech­niques were used to take the audi­ence at the Met­ro­pol­is on a trip to dozens of worlds. … it felt like one was trans­por­ted into deep space or, altern­ately, inside the Tron grid, a game of Tet­ris, an M.C. Escher paint­ing, the fiery pits of Mordor, an acid-col­oured kal­eido­scope, a Splinter Cell video game…” Wired got straight to the point: “ISAM’s live show looks like a mind­fuck of the highest order” with “little in the way of precedent.”


Cosmic Motors’ Detonator

From Daniel Simon — the former VW design­er and futur­ist who also penned the Light Cycles for Tron: Leg­acy. Its got a 30-inch front wheel and dual 96 volt elec­tric motors in the hub of the 27 inch rear wheel. The e‑bike is powered by lith­i­um-ion bat­ter­ies, and charges in an hour when plugged into a 110 volt out­let. Park­er Broth­ers estim­ates the bike has a 80–100 mile range when fully charged, and its been bench tested to a 120 mph top speed.