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Lightrhythm Visuals: Av8ion Ep (Ben Sheppee vs Fred Moth)

A palatable AV experience expands into an intellectual approach to some modern issues. Signature sounds composed from Fred Moth’s wooden circuits blend seamlessly acoustic and digital rhythms whilst visually, Sheppee explores some epic imagery with a strong motion graphic aesthetic. A rich tapestry of delicately inter-twined digital expressions stemming from a ten year partnership and greatly diverse practices. Includes mp3s, VJ loops and desktop images.

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VJ Amoeba (artist profile)

“When acid house + techno kicked off in the Uk around late 80’s early 90’s I was finishing graphic design college in Glasgow, and was ideally placed to incorporate and embrace the new emerging design, creative typography, computer, vj and electronic music scenes with a gonzo influenced approach and a creative design based background.”