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Typographic Photography by Arne Lind

Johnston Underground, London May 1985

Hello, I am Arne. I live and work in Stock­holm, Sweden. I work as a graph­ic design­er and I became inter­ested in pho­to­graphy in the late 1960s. The interest raise dur­ing the 1980s as art dir­ect­or for a Photo magazine (FOTO).

A wide range of cam­er­as have been used over the years. Mostly Leicas. M2, M3, M5, M6 and a Lei­caflex SL2. In early years Prac­tica, Yash­ica, Can­on, Has­sel­blad 1000F. Later, besides the Leicas, Can­on Dial, Nikon, mostly FM and FE, occa­sion­ally a Leica CL, a Minox 35, Pentax 6x7, Has­sel­blad 500C and so on. The film has mainly been Kodak Tri‑X. Neg­at­ives are scanned in 16-bit (pos­it­ive scan then inver­ted), Pho­toshop is used for the final work which is lim­ited to dust and scratches besides crop­ping and image contrasts.

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Hillman Curtis (1961 — 2012)

Dav­id Hill­man Curtis (Feb­ru­ary 24, 1961 – April 18, 2012) was an Amer­ic­an new media design­er, author, and film­maker. Hill­man Curtis was a former rock musi­cian who became a prom­in­ent first-gen­er­a­tion Web design­er and a vis­ion­ary fig­ure in the Inter­net’s evol­u­tion: from a pre­dom­in­antly text-based medi­um to the mul­ti­me­dia plat­form it is today. He made the first ever Flash web­site and died on Wed­nes­day, at his home in Brooklyn.

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With APEXvj you can stream music from Sound­Cloud and see how they behave visu­ally. Avail­able for desktop, mobile and browser. Uses Flash’s new Stage3D. Awe­some­ness of it will blow nuts.