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“MaKey MaKey” — An Invention Kit for Everyone

This video will blow your mind. Imag­ine the pos­si­bil­i­ties.

MaKey MaKey is an inven­tion kit for the 21st cen­tu­ry. Turn every­day objects into touch­pads and com­bine them with the inter­net. It’s a sim­ple Inven­tion Kit for Begin­ners and Experts doing art, engi­neer­ing, and every­thing inbe­tween. MaKey MaKey works with any lap­top or com­put­er with a USB port and a recent oper­at­ing sys­tem. How recent? We have tried it with Win­dows XP, Win­dows Vista, Win­dows 7, and Mac OSX.

Any mate­r­i­al that can con­duct at least a tiny bit of elec­tric­i­ty will work (if it doesn’t already work, just rub it with bananas, spray it with water, or apply cop­per tape). Here are some mate­ri­als peo­ple have used in our work­shops includ­ing Ketchup, Pen­cil Graphite, Fin­ger Paint, Lemons, etc. oth­er mate­ri­als that work great: Plants, Coins, Your Grand­ma, Sil­ver­ware, Any­thing that is Wet, Most Foods, Cats and Dogs, Alu­minum Foil, Rain, and hun­dreds more. Have you ever played Mario on Play-Doh or Piano on Bananas? Alli­ga­tor clip the Inter­net to Your World, and start invent­ing The Future.

“Anatomical Cross-Sections in Paper (Tissue Series)” by Lisa Nilsson

These pieces are made of Japan­ese mul­ber­ry paper and the gild­ed edges of old books. They are con­struct­ed by a tech­nique of rolling and shap­ing nar­row strips of paper called quilling or paper fil­i­gree. Quilling was first prac­ticed by Renais­sance nuns and monks who are said to have made artis­tic use of the gild­ed edges of worn out bibles, and lat­er by 18th cen­tu­ry ladies who made artis­tic use of lots of free time. I find quilling exquis­ite­ly sat­is­fy­ing for ren­der­ing the dense­ly squished and love­ly inter­nal land­scape of the human body in cross sec­tion.