Monthly Archives: July 2012

Kyle Cooper: “Watch the Titles”

Kyle Cooper, the acclaimed title designer, art director and filmmaker discusses typography, his love for the imperfection of handmade things, and his main titles for Darkness Falls, Se7en and Spiderman 2.

In Part 2, Cooper discusses “integrated typography” and three classic main titles that made a big impression on him: ‘The Dead Zone’ by Wayne Fitzgerald, ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Stephen Frankfurt and ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ by Saul Bass.

Collider – work in progress (Eyeo 2012)

Robert Hodgin’s “Aphex Twin NYE Show Visuals”: “Surprisingly, I received an email a short while later from WeirdCore who was in the process of working on live visuals for Aphex Twins new years eve show in Rome. He had shown some of the videos to Aphex and they were positively received.

I ended up creating a Cinder app that had 10 preset modes and various parameter controls that WeirdCore could interact with in realtime during the show. The modes ranged from simple 3D point clouds to variations of Body Dysmorphia.

WeirdCore did a fantastic job integrating the Kinect content with the other feeds consisting of visuals created with QC, MaxMSP/Jitter, VDMX, and v002. Here is some footage of the last bit of his set.“