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Kyle Cooper: “Watch the Titles”

Kyle Cooper, the acclaimed title design­er, art dir­ect­or and film­maker dis­cusses typo­graphy, his love for the imper­fec­tion of hand­made things, and his main titles for Dark­ness Falls, Se7en and Spi­der­m­an 2.

In Part 2, Cooper dis­cusses “integ­rated typo­graphy” and three clas­sic main titles that made a big impres­sion on him: ‘The Dead Zone’ by Wayne Fitzger­ald, ‘To Kill A Mock­ing­bird’ by Steph­en Frank­furt and ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ by Saul Bass.

Collider — work in progress (Eyeo 2012)

Robert Hodgin’s “Aphex Twin NYE Show Visu­als”: “Sur­pris­ingly, I received an email a short while later from Weird­Core who was in the pro­cess of work­ing on live visu­als for Aphex Twins new years eve show in Rome. He had shown some of the videos to Aphex and they were pos­it­ively received.

I ended up cre­at­ing a Cinder app that had 10 pre­set modes and vari­ous para­met­er con­trols that Weird­Core could inter­act with in real­time dur­ing the show. The modes ranged from simple 3D point clouds to vari­ations of Body Dysmorphia.

Weird­Core did a fant­ast­ic job integ­rat­ing the Kin­ect con­tent with the oth­er feeds con­sist­ing of visu­als cre­ated with QC, MaxMSP/Jitter, VDMX, and v002. Here is some foot­age of the last bit of his set.“