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Interview: Dino Ignacio (Dead Space)

Dino Igna­cio is the UI lead at Elec­tron­ic Arts for the Dead Space fran­chise of games. His work is at an inter­est­ing inter­sec­tion point between fan­ta­sy and real­i­ty. It has fan­tas­ti­cal design ele­ments, and exists in oth­er­world­ly envi­ron­ments, but it also needs to be usable, so that play­ers can enjoy the game.


Coca-Cola’s “Small World Machines”

Peo­ple from both coun­tries who engaged with the screens were encour­aged to com­plete a friend­ly task togeth­er such as wave, touch hands, draw a peace sign or dance before they shared a Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola recent­ly put dig­i­tal sig­nage-enabled and con­nect­ed vend­ing kiosks in two pop­u­lar shop­ping malls in Lahore (Pak­istan) and New Del­hi (India), hos­tile neigh­bors with sim­mer­ing resent­ments that once were part of the same nation.

Of course we know that The Coca-Cola Com­pa­ny is real­ly a heart­less cor­po­rate behe­moth, try­ing to win mar­ket share by win­ning the hearts and minds of the peo­ple.

Sure, it’s a lit­tle (ok, per­haps over­ly) sweet, but a step in the right direc­tion. Per­haps next we’ll have coke-spon­sored NGO ini­tia­tives?