Monthly Archives: May 2014

The Drinkable Book

A team of sci­ent­ists and engin­eers from carne­gie mel­lon and the Uni­ver­sity of Vir­gin­ia have developed ‘the drink­able book’, a life sav­ing tool that fil­ters water and teaches prop­er san­it­a­tion and hygiene to those in the devel­op­ing world. Designed by New York-based typo­graph­er Bri­an Gart­side for non-profit organ­iz­a­tion Water Is Life, each book is prin­ted on tech­no­lo­gic­ally advanced fil­ter paper cap­able of elim­in­at­ing deadly water­borne dis­eases, as it is coated with sil­ver nan­o­particles, whose ions act­ively kill dis­eases like chol­era, typhoid and E.coli.


Lytro Illum light field camera

Lytro’s approach to pho­to­graphy is to cap­ture as much data from the field of light as pos­sible – instead of focus­sing on one par­tic­u­lar setup to cap­ture the moment. The multi-dimen­sion­al image is cap­tured with an array of micro-lenses. This wealth of data then gets trans­lated to an inter­act­ive ‘image-scape’ where you can redefine the focus freely, as many times you want.