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The First Earth-like ExoPlanet


No one knows what the plan­et Gliese 667Cc looks like. We know that it is about 22 light-years from Earth, a jour­ney of life­times upon life­times. The plan­et is big­ger than our world, per­haps made of rocks instead of gas, and with­in its star’s “hab­it­able zone” – at a Goldilocks dis­tance that ensures enough star­light to make liquid water pos­sible but not so much as to nuke the plan­et clean.


Cymatics — Nigel Stanford

Cymat­ics is the first single from Nigel Stan­ford’s new album Sol­ar Echoes. It was shot in 6k res­ol­u­tion on Red Dragon cam­er­as, and fin­ished in 4k / Ultra HD.

The team went through months of research, test­ing, and devel­op­ment to make sure the exper­i­ments — includ­ing a Chladini plate, speak­er dish, hose pipe, ferro flu­id, Ruben’s tube, and tesla coil looked great in the final film.

Cymat­ics is the study of vis­ible sound co vibra­tion, a sub­set of mod­al phe­nom­ena. Typ­ic­ally the sur­face of a plate, dia­phragm, or mem­brane is vibrated, and regions of max­im­um and min­im­um dis­place­ment are made vis­ible in a thin coat­ing of particles, paste, or liquid. Dif­fer­ent pat­terns emerge in the excit­at­ory medi­um depend­ing on the geo­metry of the plate and the driv­ing frequency.